Michelle Adams of Michelle Adams Modern Photography has a genuine warmth about her that instantly makes you feel like you are old friends that go way back. Her radiant smile greets you from across the room and her enthusiasm and energy are positively infectious. She sees what other people might miss and one gets the sense that to her, everything is beautiful, interesting or fascinating.

Alicia Arteaga, The Bays Magazine

I love making you look good!

I’m addicted to the collaboration that occurs between me and my clients. Nothing describes the feeling of seeing that moment of authenticity come from the person in front of my lens.

Lighting, posing, styling, color theory, fashion, makeup, music, and laughter are a few of the ingredients I use to bring out your best look. I really believe that the most important element of great photography is something that can’t be put into words or captured with technical skills alone. If done right, great photography can stop-you-in-your-tracks and grab your attention. It’s powerful, and it shows up on the image everytime.

I have two daughters that also share my creative passion. I am so proud to see them continue to reach and create new possibilities in their lives. I’ve been a Laguna Beach, California resident for three years now and I feel very fortunate to have a world-famous art community right outside my door. If I’m not working with my team, you’ll find me taking daily walks on the beach, working out or cycling, visiting the farmers market in the village, gathering with friends and family, or going to great restaurants, museums, and music events.

I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to do what I do. There’s nothing we can’t create together!